Questis transforms businesses into life-changing employers by helping employees solve the root causes of financial stress. Through the combination of technology, personalized coaching, and communities, Questis helps teams cultivate positive financial behavior change for improved productivity, retention, and overall wellness.

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Financial Wellness benefits that benefit businesses.

Finances are hard. No one should have to navigate them alone. Questis meets people at the paycheck with compassionate, unbiased coaching, and next-generation technology to drive behavior change and build financially resilient workforces.

Our mission is to help people focus on the things that matter most: shifting money mindsets, tackling the hard things, and cultivating sustainable behavior change so they can be their best selves inside and outside of the workplace.

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Three Keys to Behavior Change


Financially stressed people need more than educational content, they need strong personal connections and consistent, compassionate coaching. Questis coaches dig deep to deliver relationship-driven support by understanding the whole person, not just their personal finances.


Questis uses AI and Machine Learning to aggregate financial information in one secure place, create a personalized user experience, and deliver timely behavior-change prompts—on any device and any schedule.


Questis Communities offers an infinite array of ways to explore and engage through workshops, challenges, courses, peer groups and more. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, there are always Financial Empowerment opportunities.

See How Questis Works

For Employers

See How Questis Works

Questis consistently works to enhance your financial empowerment experience. We holistically review trends and share wins and opportunities to improve your program.

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Workforce Snapshot

Better than Financial Wellness: Reduce Turnover by 33% with Financial Empowerment

Do you know what turnover is really costing your business? And what really makes employees choose to remain? Download Navigating the Great Resignation: How Financial Empowerment Can Help Companies to find out how to retain the talent you can’t afford to lose.

Employers, Brokers, and Employees love Questis

“Questis serves all regardless of situation, be it saving, budgeting, or investing. As a result, we've come to trust and rely on Questis as the foundation of our program.”
- Angie Myers, Director of Benefits and Wellness, AFL Global
“We are excited to have enhanced our core offering with Financial Empowerment. Partnering with Questis has helped us bring new value to our clients and their employees, proving return on investment, decreased healthcare costs, and ultimately–financial healing.”
- Richard Dunn, PHP of the Carolinas
“Thanks to Questis, I have my auto-savings setup, my financial diary taking shape, reviewed my credit score, reviewed my spending, canceled subscriptions, and made a commitment not buy anything I don't need for 6 months. I am confidently moving forward to a better place!”
- Questis User, 2022

Unlock your organization's true potential with Financial Empowerment.