ICARE provides Proactive and Preventative Solutions for Behavioral Health Needs within the Workplace including employee assessment, learning events, webinars, and addiction awareness facilitator certification. ICARE is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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The International Center for Addiction Recovery Education (ICARE) was founded in 2020 as a proactive and preventative response to the surge in substance misuse and addictive behaviors in the workplace. Its parent company, NET Institute, has spent 25+ years training 40,000 addiction recovery coaches, worldwide.

ICARE Workforce Products & Services

What is ICARE Workforce Solutions?

The International Center for Addiction & Recovery Education is known by the acronym ICARE. It is a Center of Excellence for bringing together people and processes to overcome the unprecedented societal challenges of addiction.

The culmination of 25+ years of fieldwork in recovery and addiction, has allowed ICARE to be deeply rooted in the principles of Resilience and Emotional Sobriety. ICARE is committed to raising the awareness of addiction in our culture and helping individuals live their best lives, free from problematic behaviors and past stigma.

ICARE is a 501(c)(3) organization. US tax exempt Florida not for profit corporation founded in 2020 as a response to the surge in substance misuse and addictive behaviors arising as a Pandemic within the Covid-19 Pandemic. The brainchild of Dr. Jean LaCour and Cheryl Brown Merriwether, ICARE is the parent organization to a trio of credentialed divisions including:

  • Strategic Sobriety Workforce Solutions
  • International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC)
  • NET Training Institute (NTI)

A message from ICARE’s Founder: Dr. Jean LaCour on Stigma of Substance Misuse:


Addiction costs American businesses $81 billion annually through loss of productivity, turnover, theft, sick leave, absenteeism, and quality of work. We can help. Source: National Safety Council

ICARE Provides:

Proactive, Preventative & Affordable Behavioral Health Solutions for Your Workforce.

  1. Healthy Self Checkup
  2. An Online, Confidential, Addiction-Risk Assessment and Evaluation. Provide immediate resources for the employee and aggregated results including “readiness to change” for the employer.

  3. Sober-Curious Learning Event
  4. Stages of addictive behavior.
    Starts the substance misuse conversation.

  5. Team Webinars
  6. Marijuana, alcohol, opiates, & more.
    Sample Video from Roots of Addiction

  7. Management Training
  8. Engaging and supporting ERG’s, Affinity & DE&I groups.
    Creating recovery-ready, supportive workplaces.
    Identifying substance misuse, the stages of addictive behavior.
    Healing the silence of sickness.
    Understanding the power of corporate culture.

  9. Management Webinars
  10. Wellness and the recovery-ready workplace.
    Addiction explained, the what and the how.
    Developing a recovery-friendly and sober-curious workplace.

  11. “Train the Trainer” Facilitator Training
  12. ICARE will train and certify an individual, or group, from within your organization to become your in-house addiction awareness facilitator(s).

  13. Recovery Coaching
  14. ICARE certified recovery coaches help shatter the stigma, while complimenting your organizations’ EAP, treatment services and relapse prevention.

Solutions and People Designed to Make Your Workplace Recovery - Safe … and More Productive.

ICARE is your one-stop shop for all your organizations’ behavioral health needs.

Training and Certification.

ICARE, with 25 years of training and certifying experience, and offers multiple award-winning online programs focused on substance misuse and recovery. ICARE Programs are ICF and NAADAC-approved and many provide CEU’s.


  • ✓ Unlike an EAP, ICARE’s solutions are more accessible, preventative, and proactive.
  • ✓ Improves productivity.
  • ✓ Decreases workers’ compensation premiums in some states.
  • ✓ Shows commitment to employees’ well-being, performance, and future with the organization.
  • ✓ Lowers absenteeism.
  • ✓ Reduces the risk of behavioral health issues.
  • ✓ And, of course, develops happier, better adjusted, more successful employees.

ICARE Believes:

At ICARE, we believe people live and perform best when not plagued by addictions. ICARE’s products help raise awareness about substance misuse and addictive behavior. Our goal is to create a safe space in the workplace that help companies move employees beyond addictive behavior and cultivate a culture of health and wellbeing for both the people and the company.

The need exists. We can help.


1996: NET Institute Red Zone focus: created Professional Addiction Counselor training programs to meet international clinical certification standards (IC&RC and NAADAC) for thousands of people providing addiction services outside of and inside of formal treatment settings

2003: NET Institute Red Zone focus: created training programs for Peer Recovery Support Specialists and Mental Health Peer Supporters, including Military Veterans, seeking to use their lived experience in Recovery to serve their peers.

2009: Moved all training Online to serve the growing need for workforce training in the Addiction field

2013: International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches Green Zone focus: created a unique Coaching Specialty combining best practices from Addiction Recovery with proven protocols of Professional Coaching. Approved for continuing education by International Coach Federation (ICF)

2020: ICARE Workforce Solutions Green Zone focus: creating specialized Early Intervention programs for businesses and organizations to avert the risks of substance misuse, enhance employee performance and promote a healthy and engaged workforce.

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