With a focus on advanced web technologies and sophisticated data analysis, BSDI has proven attractive to progressive corporate, government, and commercial health and wellness facilities, and has been an influential and unwavering force in health promotion for over 20 years.

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Change the way you feel about wellness with Motivation Alliance.

Use our SaaS technology to design and run vibrant, engaging, white-label digital health programs.


Explore the mobile-first platform that's revolutionizing wellness by offering true customization, full scalability and real engagement.

See the power of Motivation Alliance in 3 minutes:

BSDI has been creating award winning wellness software for over 28 years. We believe in the power of wellness to change people's lives. Our Motivation Alliance platform offers wellness professionals all the tools they need to design and implement successful wellness programs.
Platform administrators have the power to:

  • Customize: create microsites and brand them with separate themes and logos.
  • Scale: turn features on/off to meet the needs of 500 people or 50,000.
  • Analyze: own your data in real time and generate reports that work for you.
  • Be Secure: our platform is literally the most secure in the industry, unrivaled redundancies and monitoring keep members PHI protected.
  • Communicate: News and Announcements, Group Messaging, Push Notifications, Surveys, Coach Messaging, and automated emails connect you to members.
  • Assess: fully validated, compliant health risk assessments can be customized for your population.
  • Create Incentive Programs: options like multiple tiers and custom badges allow you to create one-of-a-kind programs.
  • Challenge: team or individual challenges and device connections are included.
  • Pay One Price: no nickels or dimes here, our platform pricing is all-inclusive.
  • Set Staff Permissions: staff permission settings prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing PHI or altering settings.
  • Manage Members: access extensive coaching tools, fitness assessments and member profile and tracking information.
  • Import and Export Data: blood panel, biometrics, members, preventive care, check-in attendance, etc.
  • Manage Events: add events to a calendar, allow reservations, schedule appointments and manage wait lists.

Team Challenge
A sampling of some of the features you can allow Participants to access include:

  • Logging Tools: including workout, steps, sleep, diet, water, diet, glucose readings, preventive care, biometrics and blood panel results.
  • Mindfulness Practices: Focus, Gratitude, Happiness, Loving Kindness and more.
  • Interactive Learning Programs: Diabetes Management, Heart Health, Tobacco Free, Weight Management, Financial Wellness, Stress Management, Asthma/COPD Management, Allergies
  • Educational Content: a searchable health library and informative blog content keep participants knowledgeable.
  • Favorites: participants can configure Favorites to display items they use most.
  • Pursuits: choose daily or habit (21 day) pursuits to introduce new healthy habits.
  • Programs: incentive programs, team or individual challenges.
  • Tutorials: video content provides information on how to operate the platform.
  • Chronicles: a shared Journal, one-on-one Conversations, Ally connections and Kudos offer connection with others.
  • Calendar: display events, make reservations, and join waiting lists.
  • Recipes: each day offers a new healthy recipe from Edamame.
  • Milestones: your participants always have a goal to reach.

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